Verizon will have a free WP8 device by year end, could be the ATIV Odyssey

Verizon has two Windows Phone 8 devices on sale right now: the HTC 8X, and the Nokia Lumia 822. The devices hit the $199 and $99 price points, but Verizon still wants to hit that important free tier. The Verge is reporting that Verizon has told them they will be offering a free Windows Phone 8 handset before the end of the year.

They did not say what that device will be, but we have a pretty good idea. At the Windows Phone 8 launch event a slide went up that showed the 8X, Lumia 822, and ATIV Odyssey for Verizon. Yesterday we saw photos of the Odyssey that looked very mid-range. Putting all this together points to the Odyssey being the free phone.

Is anyone waiting for the Odyssey?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am so glad Verizon is finally jumping in on the Windows Phone bandwagon. It was so painful having only the Trophy available for so long.

  • It’s great seeing Verizon being so supportive of Windows Phone, but usually it’s AT&T that goes gaga over the Samsung line up.

  • proph

    i am confused actually. the ativ-s was definitly not a mid-range phone it is basically a galaxy s3 with wp8 (why i want one so bad). i thought the “oddesy” was just a stupid verizon name for the ativ-s?
    come on verizon i want a wp8 device but give us something a little higher end than just the 8x. we cant’ get the nokia 920 and i have been waiting on offical word on the ativ-s variant but this is dissapointing.