AT&T Lumia 920 finally goes up for sale on Amazon Wireless


For those of you who have put off buying direct from AT&T in order to see what prices Amazon Wireless will offer for the new Lumia 920 handset, you’re going to be disappointed. Amazon usually undercuts AT&T’s offering by at least $50, but this time the Lumia 920 is offered at the same price as AT&T, which is $99 on contract and $499 off-contract. The cyan version is alive and well at Amazon though, so if you want to take advantage of Prime shipping, at least you have that option. Head on over here to buy one.

Let’s hope the Lumia 920 is a chart topper like it’s little brother, the Lumia 900.

  • Sobr0801

    I thought I was leaving a review for my Lumia 920, I actually left it for the 820. It is relevant for both, so ill just leave it be.

  • Here’s to hoping the Lumia 920 hits the top of the charts. :)

  • Sobr0801

    I purchased mine at best buy, 30 day exchange policy, best protection plan, and price matched walmart. Plus they had some in stock. Got a deal for sure.