Microsoft being sued over storage space allotment in Surface RT

Well, that didn’t take long at all. Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet has come under fire from many consumers for what they believe is falsely advertising the disk space available on the tablet. The above graph is a Microsoft provided graph that shows the breakdown of where the space goes on its Surface model, but this explanation isn’t enough for one attorney. Andrew Sokolowski had filed a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the Redmond giant lied about the amount of storage space available in its tablets.

The claim is that Microsoft misled consumers and falsely advertised the storage capacity for its tablets by knowingly withholding the amount of space taken up by the operating system from its advertisements. The case was filed in the California State Court yesterday and there’s no word on whether or not it has been approved for class action status. Still, what do our readers think? Were you misled about the amount of space available on your Surface?

[via Law360]


  • …idiot people…

  • I like microsoft a lot but I’m kind of happy this is happening. I wish we lived in a world where we got the amount of storage space that was advertised. Sd card and phone manufacturers should be all under some big lawsuit as well. Idc about formatting or whatever the hell. If it says 32gb it should be 32 gb. If you have to do stuff then include more memory and do it from there. Don’t start at the amount advertised and then do some bs leaving the consumer with less than they paid for.

  • I don’t regret my surface purchase but the HD issue is pretty outrageous. These kind of class action things never go anywhere though.

  • I tend not to care about the small discrepancy between advertised space and actual space knowing how things work, but to partition that much space without the user’s consent is simply outrageous. I say if you can’t come within 1-2GB of the advertised user-accessible space you should be forced to make that clear in all marketing materials and channels. I would be livid to see this much space available to me after opening my Surface.

  • Sobr0801

    I say they should give the ability to disable the back up. That being said, if you disable it, you should lose your warranty. Win/Win. Also give the ability to uninstall office, this way people who for some reason don’t want it, can free up much more space.

  • Ryan Smith

    Cool, be happy to pay that extra $100 for the increase in storage.

  • Tumultus

    You wonder what is going on in the head of a guy like this? Instead returning the device he prefers to sue; damn good example of today’s society!