More than 16,000 apps populate the Windows 8 Store

The Windows 8 store has grown in leaps and bounds, with more than 3,000 apps racking up in the last eight days. That brings the total number of apps available to more than 16,000. Several different markets exist to cater to different regions, with the Chinese market currently growing the fastest. The apps in this market compared to those in the North American market are not as high quality, however.

At this rate of growth, the Windows 8 store will hit 20,000 apps before December, making it one of the fastest growing marketplaces ever.

[via Microsoft News]

  • A tad unrelated, but wow it feels like just yesterday I was happy that Android had more than 100 apps in the Market lmao.

  • Windows 8 marketplace is growing super fast. It’s going to be huge.