Lenovo shows off “Pocket Yoga,” a mini laptop concept

The Lenovo Yoga is one of the best Windows 8 laptops on the market right now, but what if you could put it in your pocket? As crazy as that sounds Lenovo had the very same idea.

On Facebook Lenovo posted a photo of a tiny device with a keyboard. They called it the “Pocket Yoga.” The device has a full keyboard, flip-up screen, and even two USB ports. The bad news? Sorry, but this device will not be coming to market. Lenovo says that the Pocket Yoga is what led to the design of the current Yoga. So we have this little guy to thank for one of the coolest Windows 8 laptops out there.

Pocketable PCs like this have historically failed, but would you have wanted one of these?

[via Neowin]

  • Didn’t Sony have something like this, too? I mean, they did have a clamshell tablet.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    If I could make Calls and text with it I will buy it! Love QWERTY-keyboard :D.

  • I would have loved something like this to use in lieu of a tablet when I didn’t want to lug around my laptop, but wanted something a bit easier for production than my Lumia 920.