Shazam rolls out free local tagging to Windows Phones

Shazam has released a new update for its Windows Phone app called “Top Local Tags”. This new features allows users of the app to view the most tagged songs by location such as cities, and even down to neighborhoods in larger cities. Think of it like social scrobbling. It’s definitely an interesting take on seeing what music is popular in an area. Other updates include:

  • Social media sharing using Mango native API, giving fans faster, easier ways to update on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Windows Live; and
  • Access to Shazam’s Tag Chart for their country to discover great music from Shazam’s community.

Top Local Tags is currently a feature only available to Windows Phone Shazam users, but it will be rolled out to iOS and Android soon. Also interesting to note is the mention of Mango’s native API, with no mention of Windows Phone 8. Hmm. We’re waiting for that update, Shazam.


  • It’s sad to say, but Shazam is basically useless on Windows Phone. The functionality is built right into the Bing app.