SkyDrive updated with selective sync for files

SkyDrive has been undergoing changes lately to make it more competitive to services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Today, Microsoft updated the service adding a new selective sync feature, which allows users to only select specific folders that will update across all of their devices. Selective sync is great for people who use SkyDrive as online backup but might not want all of their files on other devices.

The Windows Phone 8 and Android apps have been updated with the Windows Phone version adding a few changes to visibility and the ability to search for files and folders. If you use SkyDrive on a regular basis, what do you think about this update?

  • This is something that’s sorely needed in competitive services. There are certain files I always want on my phone, Dropbox.

  • Exactly! I have files and folders shared with me that I don’t need on all my devices, while other files and folders need to be available to me on my phone. It’s a necessary feature I can’t fathom overlooking.