What does your Windows Phone say about you?

With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft is concentrating even more on the personal aspect of the OS. Commercials focus on individual people (some celebs) and how they have personalized their phone to fit their life. The point they are trying to make is that looking at someone’s Windows Phone Start screen is like looking at their fingerprint.

AT&T used Will Arnett to describe this very thing. He jokes about hiring a new assistant based on what he can tellĀ aboutĀ them from looking at their Start screen. This brought up an interesting question: what does your Windows Phone say about you? Let us know in the comments, and include a screenshot if you’d like.

P.S. My Start screen can be found somewhere on this page.

  • Justobeclear

    I can’t post my Start Screen yet no WP8 still WP7 Lumia 710

  • You don’t HAVE to include a screenshot.

  • Justobeclear

    Well then

  • Justobeclear

    Color Nokia Blue i’m commenting as the row goes
    Phone & People hub
    Messaging & Me hub
    Family group & Microsoft Mails (hotmail and outlook linked)
    Medoh and Rowi (twitter clients)
    Wordpress & Baconit (reddit client)
    accuweather & IE
    Memeface (photo editor) & Google & Yahoo linked
    Movreak (like flixster) & Toresto (like opentable)
    SoundHound & Fhotoroom
    Skydrive & WhatsApp
    Musixmatch lyrics & 4th & Mayor
    Weave & Nokia counters
    Translator & 1st4fans Manchester United
    Marketplace and etc.

  • Nothing special. I don’t think mines says a lot about me..maybe that I like rap?

  • Mark pointed out in my speed test video that I absolutely love the small tiles. They’re great for tucking things away that don’t need a lot of information!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am not using a Windows Phone right now, but I still think Android says more about me than Windows Phone did. I guess you could see my images and apps. You could tell I really use Google Voice. lol. Also, I mostly use blue, black and red, so I guess if you are a psychologist and/or do a bit of research you can tell a bit more from my color preferences.