Otterbox is working on cases for the Lumia 920, 822, and HTC 8X

Smartphones today aren’t always built with durability in mind (just look at an iPhone). Luckily here in the Windows Phone world we have one of the most rock solid phone makers in the world in Nokia. Still, there is always a need for some extra protection.

Otterbox is the premier durable phone case maker, and they are on board with the Windows Phone 8 launch. They are currently in the process of making cases for the Nokia Lumia 920 & 822, plus the HTC 8X. The 920 and 8X will both have Commuter and Defender Series cases available, but the 822 will only have the  Defender. Black and white/grey versions are available.

The Commuter Series cases will go for $34.95, while the Defender Series will go for $49.95. That may seem a bit pricey, but slap one of these guys on your phone and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Hit the links below to sign up for email alerts.

Lumia 920 | Lumia 822 | HTC Windows Phone 8X

  • Wow, Otterbox really knows how to ruin the design of a good phone. Those cases are hideous.

  • And Otterbox has had a pretty good track record with mixing form and function. This is indeed disappointing to see.