Verizon HTC 8X dropping group messaging

A few days ago we learned that the Verizon version of the HTC 8X would gain wireless charging, but it looks like if you’re going to stick with Big Red, you’ll be giving up group messaging on the 8X. Currently there’s no word on why the feature has been changed, but Group messaging is a great way to keep your texts from spreading out all over the place. WPCentral speculates that Verizon’s network may not be equipped to handle the feature, which sounds like as good an explanation as any.

Currently there’s no word on whether or not any of Verizon’s other Windows Phones will have the feature disabled, but if the network speculation turns out to be true, we’re betting they will. That means the Lumia 822 and the Samsung ATIV Odyssey could potentially have this feature disabled as well. If you’re a Verizon customer, are you okay with the trade off of wireless charging for the lack of group messaging?

  • kevin

    now way. this is absolutely ridculous. I just bought one yesterday and found out about this, im taking it back and probably switching carriers for the lumia 920. seems like there is always a sacrifice for going with verizon (only exception being the great cell coverage)

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Oh man… this is kinda sad. Why would they do that? UGH

  • Win_8_FanBoy

    Bonehead move VZW. I love the 8x but after 2 weeks of no group messaging, I’m not ditching the phone, I’m ditching you VZW…. ATT here I come, get my Lumia 920 ready.