Surface goes head to head against the Nexus 10 [Video]

Think the high-res display on the Nexus 10 is in every way superior to the Microsoft Surface RT? You might want to think again. In the above video, noted technology reviewer Armando Ferreira pits Microsoft’s latest tablet against Android’s finest offering and finds some surprising results. We’re honestly not surprised that IE10 is the better browser here, since Microsoft has put extensive work in making sure it can scrub its name of the shame that was IE6.

Part 2: Display

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  • TheBee

    I must admit I am an android fan but after seeing the surface tablet there is no comparison. It beats iPad and any Android tablet. Regardless of the lack of app support. Android seems to always have that lag and though the high resolution on the Nexus 10, it still fails to meet the bar when it comes to display.

  • Next time try comparing something other than the browser.

  • Loks

    One thing to notice where he is talking all the time about seeing more is that screen is larger but that does not mean it is allways better.. to be honest I think 10+ inches for a bit too large for tablet… 7″-8″ does make it way more portable and easier to carry around and hold in hand when you read.

  • Sorry, nothing can make up for “Desktop Mode” on the Surface.

    Thats an abomination of the utmost degree.

    Plus Chrome has always been “slower” than any browser – its still superior to IE10.

  • Unorthodox

    Wow, IE10 is slower, and he still praises it. Boo.

  • How about side by side.lame

  • MK2

    Learn to manipulate Chrome settings, Mr. IE phanboi

  • WinSource

    Check out part 2.

  • MK2

    You don’t even mention price points…

  • John Doe

    someone got a free surface for christmas.

  • lukigi

    We get it, it’s bigger, the thing is I’ve dropped iPad2 for Nexus7 because iPad was too big for convenient use and if I use a desk for it, then may as well use my PC.

  • Will do, Thanks.

  • misiupisiu

    nexus10 is faster for browsing.

  • sq

    Well, the key point of the two segment is: image shows better in its native resolution. Thus a web site with low quality image, shows better in the low resolution (or smaller picture). Would be interesting to show a HD video and how the two compares.

  • Manbo

    My only issue is, for the 2 devices, both the 32GB versions are around $500, both are not that portable, and I could buy a small laptop and a Nexus 7 for roughly the same price. Even more so if you want the keyboard attachment for the surface.
    Maybe I’m just being hyper rational, but I find any tablet over $300 to be a waste as a laptop would make much more sense.

  • Alex

    You said the surface screen is better than the nexus 10? Ha, no its not….my dad had the surface (returned) and then got the iPad 4(also returned) and the nexus 10 is crisper, brighter and has more real colors than both of them, also for the record, I have NO lag on the n10, no matter what I do, even web browsing, I have absolutely no lag at all…

  • Alex

    I’ve had the surface, iPad 4 and nexus 10…..I have NO LAG on the nexus 10 and the screen easily beats the surface…easily…it is brighter, more colorful, and crisper…and compared to the iPad its brighter and has better colors, and about the same in crispness…trust me on this one, I’ve owned them and compared them side by side…

  • alfonzso

    Is it just me or is this dude comparing a tablet to an ultraportable laptop?

  • impulse101

    you are a complete idiot

  • The Surface I played with had lag in the screen response. It looked great, but it definitely had lag that had to be accounted for, especially when playing games.

  • Interesting. I wanted to go with a surface but am waiting on the Pro version. Does the RT fit your needs well?

  • Ian Kennedy

    Love ie 10? Go to a gawker Site and try to leave a comment using it. I IE10 is broken.

  • Ben Helton

    This video looks rigged. How could he search the same thing on Google, and be getting different results?

    There are many different brightness settings. Chances are, during this demo, the Surface is burning 2-3 times as much power in performance mode, while he has the nexus set in battery saver mode. Also, Google has never invested into it’s Browser like Microsoft has. Google would never take a donkey dumb on a company like Netscape the way that Microsoft can.

  • Gawker sites are not a good example of usability, considering their whole design template is pretty FUBAR.

  • shonangreg

    Wow! How rude.

    Unless you don’t mind being considered a troll and generally ignored, Impulse, why don’t you point out TheBee’s error? They gave several specifics, and they followed the claims in the review.

  • Ankit Timbadia

    HOW ABOUT ALSO SHOWIN THE USER THE REST OF THE TWO PARTS IN WHICH SURFACE FAILS check armando feriia channel on youtube and watch the last two parts

  • This was pretty terrible. For instance hes comparing non hd netflix movies on the screen, whats even the point in doing that. If you want to do a real comparison compare them both with bluray quality. Also I understand thats its hard to find games that are on both since surface has such a limited selection but seeing as how popular the nexus 10 has been so far, you can bet your buttons that most games will end up getting optimized for it, and some already have, so it would have been nice to at least show a game that has been optimized for it. The ipad had the same problem when the retina display came out, but it has since been fixed.

    Either way the nexus 10 definitely has advantages over the surface and you barely touched on any of them, it was only upsides for the surface. Which seems like kind of a joke especially when comparing displays.

  • Don

    I cant speak to the Nexus `10, but I own 2 Xoom tablets and returned the arm powered surface and purchased an Asus Windows 8 Tablet.
    I use a Galaxy 3 and Xoom, Android is Android is Android or….is it?. The xoom is a great product . Upgrading the software was a REALLY bad idea…The original specs where great for the software at that time, but my daughters tablet REALLY slowed down with software upgrades…my work tablet I never upgraded and it runs flawlessly albeit its a consumption device. NOTHING like the Galaxy 3 and the issues I see with it.
    I REALLY like windows 8, and it ran fine on the Surface, the problem I had was the REALLY limited storage would not work for me… I wanted a desktop alternative. I use Power Point and Word EVERY day at the office, Getting a free version on the ARM unit is a REALLY REALLY big deal….
    My Asus Windows Tablet run an older c-60 CPU, and it runs Windows 8 REALLY well. I pulled the 32 gig drive out and installed a 120 gig SSD.
    What I Love about windows tablets, you get the windows 8 interface, but when you need a Mutli Tasking environment….take your work over to desktop something MOST people are already familiar with.
    The Down side…. You forget about the JUNK that exists on the internet when you go back to using a windows product as a consumption device. Plus I have become spoiled by Apple and google products screening out malware.
    There is a major bonus to Android, iOS and RT for consumption devices they are more immune to junk.
    The Plus side of windows tablets VERY high level of integration device to device tied together by my windows ID. Plus…. I am running, WORD and Power Point, plus games like WOW on my tablet and it runs REALLY well.

  • DigitalSyrup

    Videos like these truly show how much more powerful Windows RT is – but the masses and the trolls refuse to listen.