Windows Phone 8 users experiencing random reboots and battery issues

Rarely does a phone launch without a few bugs, and it’s becoming clear that Windows Phone 8 devices are no exception. Users have been reporting random reboots and battery issues with HTC and Nokia devices.

Our own HTC 8X has experienced these problems. In the three weeks that we have had the 8X it has randomly rebooted 4-5 times. Initially we chalked this up to the device being a pre-production model, but other users have reported the same issues with retail models.

Battery life has also been a concern. After initially rating the battery life as very good in our review we have noticed a steep decline. In one instance we noticed the battery dropped 50% just sitting idle overnight. The problem seems to be related to NFC. After turning off “Tap + Send” battery life has been much improved.

Windows Phone forums across the web have been filling up with user complaints about these issues. Microsoft and manufacturers will without a doubt catch wind of these issues and work on a fix. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Is anyone here experiencing these problems?

[via The Verge]

  • Not a single issue with the OS. :)

  • Yeah, same here. OS is solid.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Your Windows Phone 8x is actually having these problems? I never noticed anything like this. Sad stuff…. Cause I really like this phone. Hope Microsoft can work it out soon.

  • HTC, that’s all I had to read. I am experiencing battery problems with my 920 however. I’ll wait a few more days to see if we hear anything from MS or Nokia. They definitely know whats going on. My other problem is I have a red one and those are sold out here in the US so if I have to get a replacement it may be a while