AT&T giving $50 credit to early Nokia Lumia 920 adopters

Earlier this morning we told you about AT&T’s Black Friday sale for the Lumia 920. They will be dropping the price of the 920 down to just $50. The sale starts on Friday and goes until Sunday. Early adopters may feel a little cheated by this deal, but word on the street is AT&T will make it up to you.

Over at WPCentral a few readers have reported that if you call AT&T they will credit you with $50 if you already bought a Lumia 920. All they did was call up AT&T and ask. If they don’t want to give you the credit just act a little upset and they usually cave. This is one sale you won’t have to navigate through a crowded mall to get.

  • this is not true everyone. They accidently gave few credits but Higher up realized what happen and nobody gets any credits. Its called holiday promo only. U bought it want refund , u just gotta return it and buy again. Pain in butt but u want it thats only option. Javagotainment verified