First look at Twabbit for Windows Phone 8 [Video]

Right now there aren’t many Twitter apps taking advantage of Windows Phone 8, but several are on the way. One of those apps is Twabbit. We’ve covered Twabbit several times in the past, but today is really special because we have an early look at the Windows Phone 8 version.

Twabbit for Windows Phone 8 adds the features you would expect. They have fast resume working from the timeline, but the app will refresh if you leave from anywhere else. All three tile sizes are now supported, along with lockscreen notifications. The only issue I found was that it takes a long time for notifications to show up sometimes. We’ll let you know when this update is available for everyone. until then download it below.

  • Looks nice! I’ve never used Twabbit myself, but might give it a go when I finally get my Lumia 920. I’m waiting to see what the MeTweets devs do for Windows Phone 8.