Man emails Stephen Elop personally over Lumia 920 ordering issues, gets results

Nokia has a lot riding on the success of Windows Phone. Particularly Stephen Elop, the CEO that committed the company to the platform back in 2010. It makes sense then that a frustrated man having problems getting a Lumia 920 into his hands would email Elop in the hopes of a resolution, but you can imagine the email would likely be ignored or buried under a sea of corporate emails. Turns out, that wasn’t the case.

A man known as lsmachado on the WPCentral forums tried to order his Lumia 920 from Best Buy when they went up for pre-order back in October. Best Buy kept the devices on back order for several weeks, as we reported. Frustrated with this run around with Best Buy, he decided to take it to the hands of the person that it would matter the most:

I decided to send an email to Stephen Elop about it, and I was completely surprised when Mr. Elop replied to me. He said that he would have his team look into the matter, and also copied Mr. Rothschild on the email.

After Best Buy managed to cancel the order twice, Matt Rothschild, the head of Nokia’s marketing department finally contacted the user, telling him that he would be getting his new phone this week along with a few extras. What those extras are, we have no idea, but we’re betting it involves a wireless charging pillow and that JBL speaker bundle the company advertised.

[via Neowin]


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