Microsoft Surface shows up in Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O has become such a common place to find Windows devices that eventually they are just going to rename the show “Microsoft Product-Placement.” In the past we’ve heard characters say such horribly forced lines like “just Bing it” and do¬†unnecessary¬†searches on their Windows Phones.

Microsoft Surface is the next product to find some screen time on Hawaii Five-O. Officer Kalakaua whips out a Surface tablet to do some quick research on the go, she makes sure to show off the kickstand and Touch Cover before she looks up a license plate number. But wait…how is she doing this outside of a WiFi network?

We love seeing Microsoft products show up in TV and movies, but every time it happens it seems so forced. They need to work on using the products in a more natural way.

[via Neowin]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    LMAO @ “Just bing it”. Nobody says that…. But I did hear a friend say “just mapquest it” not so long ago. I was like what is this? 2005?

    And hey! Maybe she had a MiFi!