Turn N Run debuts on Xbox for Windows Phone, doesn’t play nice with WP8

If you’re stuck in a boring Thanksgiving party tomorrow we have the perfect time killer for you. Turn N Run has just entered the Windows Phone Store as the newest Xbox title. This game is a platformer puzzle game, but unlike regular 2D platformer games you can change the camera angle at will.

There is some bad news. It seems that Turn N Run doesn’t work the greatest on Windows Phone 8 devices. WPCentral reports that it crashes on the Lumia 920, 820, 822, and 810. We can report that on the HTC 8X we get to the level select screen before the game crashes. For now it looks like WP7 users are the only ones who can play.

Turn N Run is listed at $2.99 in the Store, but that is actually an error. It should only be $.99, and it will be in a couple days. So hold off on buying the game until that happens unless you really think it’s worth $3.

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