Happy Thanksgiving! Check out our Thanksgiving app pack

We know you’re eager to stuff your face with turkey and grandma’s homemade stuffing, but before you sit down at the table to break one of the cardinal sins, check out this list of apps we’ve curated for your Thanksgiving pleasure. If you’re looking for a new last minute recipe to try, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got you covered on the timer front to make sure you don’t burn the pies by leaving them in too long. Nothing is worse than burnt pie crust. Nothing.

Epicurious – Free

Epicurious has always been my go-to app for new recipes to try and it should be yours too. There’s lots of goodies within this app and it’s free, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it on your phone. How’s green beans with roasted red peppers and almonds sound? Om nom nom.

Allrecipes – Free

This is another great recipe source that offers a bit of variety from Epicurious, but still brings something fresh to the table. Between these two apps you should have a ton of ideas for what to cook, even if your mother-in-law just called you and asked if you can bring a side in 30 minutes. You can do it.

SuperTimer – Free

Nothing’s worse than a burned meal because you over-estimated how long ago you put your food in, so Super Timer has you covered. It lets you set multiple timers and stopwatches, so if you’re making something delicate with egg whites, you can beat it for exactly three minutes like the recipe says.

ESPN ScoreCenter – Free

Is your family a stickler about not watching TV while eating? Bummer. Still, you can get the latest news and scores from the ESPN ScoreCenter app. Stay on top of what’s happening and avoid the evil eye from Grandma for saying “Huh?” the fourth time she asks you what you’re majoring in.

Little Acorns – $0.99

We couldn’t complete our holiday line up without recommending a game of some sort, so why not check out Little Acorns? It has over 80 levels spread out across four seasons, so you’ll be busy collecting nuts. Hey, it’s better than finding out what happens when you actually pull your uncle’s finger.

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