Watch this guy beat the crap out of a Lumia 920 [Video]

Do you enjoy watching technology get destroyed? We mean really destroyed. If so we have the perfect video for you. YouTube user PhoneBuff has made it his personal mission in life to completely dismantle a Nokia Lumia 920, and boy does he succeed.

First he drives over the phone with a car, and it still turns on. Next he hits it with a piece of wood like a baseball, and it stops working. The crazy thing is even after both of these tests the phone still looks fine. Next he throws it up in the air, and throws it against a cement post. The screen finally cracks, but he doesn’t stop there. He throws it hard against the pavement and it cracks in half.

Please, before you watch this video, cover your Lumia 920’s front facing camera. It doesn’t need to see this.

[via WPCentral]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Wow…. Never seen a phone that is this strong. I mean it went through so much before it even crack. Most other phones crack on an average fall.

  • idlelimey

    I know iPhone bashing is getting a little easy to do these days but the fact is that around here almost all iPhones I see are cracked. All of those that I know the reason for came back the same – a short drop. All phones, by their nature, are susceptible to being dropped so it’s up to OEMs to makes sure they are hard enough to survive, say, a 1 metre drop.

    It’s great to see that the Lumia 920 doesn’t just manage that, but goes further. Any one looking to do an insurance job on their Lumia will have to put a lot of effort in to it! :)

  • I thought the same thing when watching this series of videos. It took a 2×4 and considerable effort to make the phone quit working and even then physically it wasn’t broken until he SMASHED it into concrete.