Microsoft patented its own Project Glass-a-like

Google’s Project Glass was certainly the star of Google I/O this year when it comes to inconceivable devices, but it looks like Microsoft is wanting to get in on the action as well. Recent patent filings have uncovered a HUD-like system being worked on by Microsoft as well.

There aren’t many details about the patent filing as of yet, but unlike Google, Microsoft seems to be focusing on their HUD glasses being used in conjunction with live events like sports where fans could be presented with more information about the game. Microsoft’s description of the hardware makes it seem spot-on like Google’s Project Glass implementation, so it’s curious why the company would limit itself to the realm of live sports and concerts.

The only notable premise for this limitation is cost, since Project Glass is going to be rather expensive. Dev units are currently retailing for $1500, so if Microsoft can put these in the hands of sports and concert fans across the country for much cheaper, it could see a wider adoption rate than something like Project Glass. In that vein, this patent could be the stepping stone for something with a much broader scope.

[via USPTO]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Google Project Glass is crazy expensive. I mean yeah, they are pretty much beta and not for everyone right now, but still. Either way, these projects are not really ready to break through the market. We will have to see how Microsoft implements it first.