“Apollo+” is Microsoft’s next update to Windows Phone 8, includes fixes to WiFi, audio, and more

Now that Windows Phone 8 is out and on phones that can be purchased we look to what’s next. The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is working on an OTA updated called “Apollo+.” The update will address some bugs and add some new features.

Apollo+ is not a major update. VPN support for corporate users to connect to work systems will be a new addition. A fix for WiFi connections not staying on will also be added, as well as some audio fixes. Other than that we don’t know any more about Apollo+. The big test will be how well the new OTA system works.

  • By audio fixes, are they talking about the constant ringing that you hear when you start typing? I was wondering what that is!

  • I hope they flesh this out and make it a solid update instead of rushing it out the window. Give WP8 users something they’ve been wanting for a long time in a notification center.

  • CX1

    I guess if you come from a different platform you would be looking for a notification center, but in actuality it would just be redundant. Both the lock screen and the live tiles do the same same.