Get into the groove with Microsoft’s new Surface ad [Video]

We’ve got to hand it to Microsoft, when it comes to advertising a product without showing what it actually does, they’ve got it aced. From the first dancing commercial to this new commercial, all you can really gather about the Surface is that it is a kickstand and a magnetic cover. Perhaps the people who are marketing this thing should actually show some of its neat functions, like multi-tasking that’s actually useful? What do you think?


  • Edgar Cervantes

    But…. but….. it’s exciting! LOL

  • AS147

    I agree but asking MS to make a good marketing campaign is like asking a gold fish to ice skate. They just can’t do it. However with that in mind they should keep carpet bombing the media because the product marketing is generating some interest. What they are really failing at is getting the product out there outside of the US. Nobody knows they can only be purchased inline or at the MS stores of which in my country (Australia) there are almost no stores in the city!
    The least they could do is include the store locations and website address in the TV ads.

  • All it needs is a narrator.

  • idlelimey

    Talking at 400 words per minute ;) I’d love to see that!