How is Windows Phone 8 treating you?

Windows Phone 8 has been out for a couple weeks on some great devices. You already read what we have to say about Windows Phone in our reviews of the 8X and Lumia 810, but now we’re wondering what you think.

For those of you that upgraded from WP7 we want to know how you like it! For those of you that switched from Android or iOS we want to know how you like it! Let us know what your favorite features and improvements are! We know not everything is perfect, so let us know what you don’t like about WP8 too!

  • I just got an HTC 8X last Friday as my first smartphone, and so far it’s been a great experience! I used to use an iPod Touch as my main media device, and my 8X has far surpassed it in every single way. The phone (and all WP phones) look so smexy, all still completely being unique from Android and iPhone. My iPhone-infested friends actually were very impressed with the look, and I think WP can surpass the wow factor of iOS in the near future.
    I still think there are some minor design flaws with the 8X. The power button is really shallow, making it hard to find and not so satisfying to press. I know that this was to make it flush with the device, but they still could’ve compensated better. The 3 buttons along the bottom get in the way sometimes, especially because my sorta small hands brush them easily when I reach across the screen.

    The front facing camera is a little laggy, with subpar frame rates for video. The back camera isn’t great either, but then again, if I actually take that many pictures, I would’ve gotten a Lumia 920.
    The software of WP8 is great, and I love the uniform design cues across most of the apps. There isn’t that great of a selection of apps, but they will come eventually, and until then I can wait (Spotify app please?). My start screen started to look personal after I got everything arranged the way I wanted it, but that took awhile. I think Microsoft should give some inspiration on how to start arranging the start screen, because it really is daunting. Live tiles save me some time, but not alot of time, but I like the idea of having an ever-updating screen, but Micrisoft just needs to perfect it.
    And that is MY rant on what I like so far and what I don’t like so far.

  • colbey427

    I have had my Lumia 920 for about 2 weeks now. I must say that it is more than I expected. I did switch from a Lumia 900, but didn’t expect this kind of performance. As a company IT guy, I have dealt with all different OS’s, and find this one the most interactive for our business needs. With everything at a glance, and the fast processor, and extremely good camera, I don’t think I will be needing another device (unless someone can come up with some serious magic).

  • JC

    Love it! Left my Android and Sprint behind! I couldn’t be happier! Phone is AWESOME!

  • My first smart phone – I’ve used iPhone plenty, and never used Android.
    Got the Nokia 920 from AT&T… 99 bucks.

    I’ve been trying to find bugs and software issues – very few so far. A few apps I tried crashed so I uninstalled them.. they sucked anyway.

    Keyboard is easier for me than iPhone and word prediction/selection (note, this is not auto-correct, this is actually showing you words it thinks you are going to type) is easy to use and strong out of the box.

    IE10 is quick (never thought I’d say that), tabs are there and easy to use. Back button is a little wonky and reloads previous page every time which seems unnecessary. Otherwise no issues. Long Live HTML5.

    Installing apps is super easy and fast, and can be “pushed” from a desktop computer on the windowsphone website remotely and wirelessly. Lots of other built-in stuff like skydrive, find lost phone, etc. work great and completely in the background. I wish there were more apps like this.

    Xbox integration seems tight, although I am not a gamer and do not own an xbox.

    Phone configuration is extensive… could be more and I think there is, I just haven’t found them all yet… For instance, custom ring tones for different callers. Still learning.

    Live tile apps are useful – should be more of them. It’s nice that Live Tiles can be made by “pinning” often used data in apps.

    The camera on the 920 I have is the best cell phone cam I’ve ever seen… blows all iPhone photo and video away and most dedicated cameras except my SLR. The OS handles camera features, starts instantly, and organizes/browses photos very fast.

    My jaw dropped using the “scan text” feature in the Bing Vision Lense! Unbelievably quick and accurate language translation… admittedly not an often used feature.

    Battery life is “ok”… I can’t put it down so… charge is lasting about 8 hours.

    The “People” app is really well done… this could be the must have feature on every phone.
    Office integration is top notch. Sets new standard for desktop/mobile app transitions.

    Wish the 920 had removable SD (if only to physically transfer media files/videos).

    Impressive “Group chat” (or “Family” “Social” “Team” or whatever you want to label the concepts of communicating with multiple people at 1 time). I have not found any built-in Video chat. ???

    Complaints… rumor is the hardware supports FM Radio receiver but it’s not working.
    And not enough WP8 apps! WP7 apps will work, but, the quality standard is noticeably raised in WP8.

    ATT… where is my wireless charging station?

  • james braselton

    hi there i got the huge bigest 6 inch nokia 1520 i have the biggest windows phone and have 200 live tiles on 16 gb flash storage and have 6 gb free soo 300 live tiles plus 2 gb games no games 400 live tiles windows 8 soo alwsoume is better then the old 3.5 inch iphone 4