Windows Phone 7.8 update to arrive on Wednesday? [Rumor]

At the end of June, Microsoft announced to its current Windows Phone 7 user base that it hadn’t forgot them. That an update was in the pipelines to allow them to experience the best of Windows Phone 8 that their hardware would allow them to have. After that announcement, Microsoft seemingly forgot all about that statement. Even Paul Thurrott has been noticeably critical of Microsoft’s silence on the WP7.8 update. However, a new rumor circulating claims that the new update might be available this Wednesday, November 28th.

No source is named so it’s really up in the sky as to whether this turns out to be true or not. Many people have speculated that Microsoft has held off on giving loyal customers the Windows Phone 7.8 update in the hopes that they’ll upgrade to the superior Windows Phone 8. It’s a valid concern, especially when Microsoft has been so silent about the issue. Still, we’ll keep our eyes on the usual channels and let you know what pans out.

[via WinBeta]

  • That would be awesome.

  • idlelimey

    I think this came from WMPowerUser originally. I respect the time and effort that goes in over there but they’re not known for keeping a lid on blowing things out of all proportion.

    I doubt that my phone will ping with an update on Wednesday and that’s mostly because I’m still on build 7740 (yep, thats pre pre-tango) so I’m sure as I can be that Orange (UK) will laugh this update off too. Unless MS are going to bypass useless networks?! Who knows.

    I’m also a little surprised by Thurrott being so vocal about this. I think MS said it would be released before the end of the year – 5 weeks away!

  • Honestly he’s the best voice we have as WP users. He often speaks about things that would go unnoticed otherwise.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    All I know is this: If I do not recieve WP 7.8 before the end of this year my next phone will be an android. I am sick and tired of the tiles on WP already, if I can’t custiomize the tiles soon I will be leaving Windows phone and forget about buying a surface or any Windows tablet!

  • What sort of customization are you expecting?

  • Hopefully it does arrive on Wednesday.. this update will show that Microsoft still cares about those who cant upgrade to WP8, like those who bought the much-hyped Lumia 900.

  • JSYOUNG571

    This is going to be interesting. My At&t HTC Titan hasn’t had an update since purchase of last year. Thanks to At&t , I and others have been stuck on 7720 for over a year now. I wonder how we or if we are going to receive the update because we are missing the previous updates to our phones. I would have to see this to believe it.

  • If you’re leaving Windows Phone for android because of the lack of updates, you’re going to be disappointed. I have had an iPhone for 4 years, android for one, and am now using an old Samsung Focus and the frequency of updates you get with Android infrequent. WP7 or WP8 can’t possibly be worse than an android device except the Nexus devices.

  • idlelimey

    That’s fair enough. I take it back and stand corrected! You’re in a much better position to judge. Fingers crossed that users start getting pinged tomorrow – I stand by my comment on the utterly apathetic Orange network though ;)

  • Doesn’t look like it’s arriving today at all.