Is this the new Surface phone? [Rumor]

Nokia and HTC have both been pushing their Windows Phone 8 handsets over the past month, but will all that become irrelevant when Microsoft announces the Surface phone? The above image was posted to the Windows Phone Facebook page. It’s a render of a phone that features no branding from any OEM, so it very well could be a hint that Microsoft is planning on jumping into the handset ring just as it did with the Surface tablet.

It’s curious that Microsoft would use an unbranded render for their images and announcements, as typically they’ve stuck with promoting products that consumers can actually buy right now. The HTC 8X has taken the cake for that, as Microsoft is currently running a contest where you can win one of five handsets just by using its search engine. What do you think? Is Microsoft giving us a hint that they’re about to jump into the mobile space as more than just a software provider?

[via Windows Phone Facebook]

  • idlelimey

    Curious. I wonder if this render has been around for a while, specifically before any WP8 handsets were revealed. It might be a case of the designer who produced the banner had some stock of generic renders and used that instead. Or maybe they do this deliberately to stir the rumours?!

    It’s a handsome handset though. Looks sleek and thin, like a slightly more refined version of the Lumia 810. I’m a bit of a sucker for Surface Phone rumours – I’d love it to happen but worry about the repercussions.

  • My thoughts exactly. The Lumia 810 looks and feels great, even if the specs inside are pretty mid-range. I find myself wishing the Lumia 920 looked more like it than the 800 and 900.

  • +1

  • It’s probably just a generic Windows Phone render. Something that’s neutral and doesn’t favor another particular device.

  • Robert Marino

    Man, I hope this is a real rendition, I like a nice minimalist design like that. Looks sharp. Although, I’m on Verizon so I imagine the Windows button will be replaced with an obnoxious Verizon logo, much like on the Galaxy Note 2… sigh.

  • Billscarnage

    There have been a few Surface-esque phone renderings around since June-ish, during the Surface announcement. It will likely follow the Surface design just 1/8 its size and we shall call it mini-Surface :-)

    I’m more curious about the feathers. Implying it’s light???