Microsoft announces 40 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold

Microsoft has announced their sales for Windows 8 so far. The sales were announced by Tami Reller, Windows Chief Marketing and Financial Officer, during a speech at a technology conference. She announced that 40 million licences of Windows 8 have been sold since it went on sale a month ago.

Microsoft also claims that Windows 8 is outpacing the upgrades of Windows 7. Windows 7 sold 60 million licenses in two months. It appears that the upgrade promotions and lower prices are helping sales. No sale numbers have been shared for Windows RT or Surface.

Are you one of he 40 million who upgraded to Windows 8?

[via Windows Blog]

  • I’m still not sold. I keep hearing it’s great but I just don’t feel compelled to switch (even for $15)

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am thinking of buying it so I can use parallels with my Mac.

  • I LOVE WINDOWS 8 :) There was a temporary learning curve and that was clearly evident when I spent countless hours teaching my parents.. but, once you get it- its quite straight forward. Loving it! It just needs more apps :/ the windows store is dead as of right now.

  • It’ll pick up, don’t worry. With 40 million sold just in under a month, devs would be stupid to continue to ignore it.