Preview of Mercury, a GTalk client for Windows 8

If you count yourself among the millions of people who have already upgraded to Windows 8, you may have noticed a distinct lack of Google services available on the Windows Store. This is to be expected, as beyond Google teaching people who to get Chrome within the Windows 8 start menu, the company has pretty much actively ignored the launch of Windows 8. As with Windows Phone 8, this paves the way for third-party developers to show off their app development skills.

Currently there are only two apps available that support GTalk and both of which function rather poorly. This is where Mercury comes in. The app is being developed by a duo looking to make sure those who use GTalk as their primary means of communication don’t have to do without on Windows 8. So far the screenshots that have been released show conversation views as well as the contact list, all adhering well to the Metro design language. The duo has even shown off what the snapped app looks like in multi-tasking, so you can continue to converse while you do other things.

The app is in the final stages of development and will be ready soon and once it is, we’ll give you a quick look at the app. What do you think so far? If you have any feature requests or you want to discuss the app with the developers, you can contact them here.


  • Windows 8 really needs a good GTalk app. I hope this is it.