Samsung ATIV S delayed until 2013

For those of you holding off on purchasing a new Windows Phone 8 handset until the Samsung ATIV S arrives, it looks like you could be waiting until 2013. The Samsung ATIV S was the first WP8 device to be unveiled and it looks like it’ll be the last of the launch devices to hit the market. According to SamMobile, the device will begin shipping in week 52 of this year and carry on into 2013.

So what’s up with the delay? There’s been a lot of speculation and rumors about Samsung’s production process, but many believe that the ATIV S display is the main cause of the holdup. The display in the ATIV S is identical to that in the Galaxy S3, so Samsung could be short on parts and is focusing on the cash cow that is Android instead of working on WP8 in the shortage.
[via Trusted Reviews]

  • Blah! C’mon Samsung!

  • Tumultus

    Yeah, it’s rather frustrating! I’ve been holding out for this since this is exactly what I wanted. Will have to go and pick up an 8X within the next days! Screw Samsung! If they can’t get their a** together and release that damn thing, what is the point in waiting?

    I doubt it has to do with the screen though since most of the people that wanted a GS III probably bought one by now.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Ouch…. Well I like the other devices better, anyways.

  • its a shame really I think that I would have got this instead of the 920 but they waited too long. Bigger picture tho is what happens if the Surface phone is confirmed officially and comes out rumored mid 2013, alot of people will hold off on the samsung for that. I’ve had my 920 since launch and I will trade in the 920 for a surface phone.