Acer giving away an S7 laptop every day in December

If the S7 laptop wowed you when it debuted and you’ve been trouble getting your hands on one because retailers like Amazon and Newegg are sold out, we feel your pain. Acer seems to feel your pain as well, as they’re giving away a 13″ version of the S7 every day on Facebook.

All you need to do to enter the promotion is sign up on Acer’s Facebook page and install the app provided, then start selecting friends from your list that match up with attributes of the Acer S7. What attributes you ask? Why, adjectives like “stylish”, “brilliant”, and “smooth” of course. It’s viral advertising at its finest, but hey, if you get an S7 out of it I’m sure your friends won’t mind.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I never win at these things! lol. Here goes nothing….