Ballmer says Windows Phone devices selling four times faster than in 2011

Today at the annual shareholder meeting in Redmond, Washington, Steve Ballmer revealed some great news for Windows Phone. According to Microsoft’s CEO, the phones are selling at a record pace versus 2011.

The Windows Phones from HTC are Nokia — are getting rave reviews and have already been sold out in places around the world. We are working with our partners who are ramping supply, launching new markets and we’re already selling four times more phones than at the same time last year.

No specific sales figure was given, but it’s nice to see that the combined efforts of Nokia and HTC haven’t gone unnoticed. We’re still yet to see handsets from Huawei and Samsung who were both announced as launch partners for the new Windows Phone 8, so even better sales could be around the corner.

[Source: Microsoft shareholder meeting website]

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I just switched back to android from my htc titan. I might switch back when we recieve Windowsphone 7.8 (I have had a lot of software issues on 7.5 latley).

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well there are much more options now… I can totally believe it. And it should get even better for Windows Phone soon! Advertising is doing better, people are finally starting to talk more about it. Loving it!