Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7.8 update scheduled for “early 2013”

As expected the rumors that suggested Windows Phone 7.8 would arrive today were not true. So what’s next? Microsoft has decided to take a little of the mystery away by posting an update on the Windows Blog. In that update they have announced that 7.8 will arrive in “early 2013.”

Microsoft is playing a¬†dangerous¬†game with 7.8. They want to hold off on releasing it so there is incentive for people to buy WP8 devices, but in doing that they are alienating WP7 users. Like we mentioned way back at the announcement of 7.8, the WP7 user base might be small enough that Microsoft doesn’t care. For the sake of early adopters we hope that isn’t true.

Is 2013 too late?

  • JSYOUNG571

    Microsoft – You all have screwed over the Windows Phone 7.5 owners. ADMIT IT! Windows Phone 8 is full of bugs and already people are on the boards complaining about it. It takes this long for you all to release an update and a fix for your phones? You all will NEVER EVER pass Google and Apple. You continue to fail and disappoint your customers each time. Just accept that fact that you all are LOSERS! when it comes to the Mobile market. It’s not that the platform isn’t good, it just that you all SUCK! when it comes to fixing and upgrading. It is because of that, that you all are going to crash the platform and cause what little following you have to switch back to Android, iPhone and even Blackberry at this point.

    For the people who have smart remarks coming…I WILL BE A TROLL TODAY FOR TELLING THE TRUTH! LOVE IT OR HATE IT..

  • You raise some good points, but you lose all credibility when you say people who are sick of not getting updates should switch to Android.

  • you aren’t really telling any truths. You are just coming off as whiny and passive aggressive at the end. In fact, every single post of yours is just a whinefest. You’ll be a troll for today? How about every time you post?

    Lastly, Microsoft, Apple and Android devs are all guilty of this same thing. Apple omits more and more features from “older” phones with each iOS release. Not only that, they tend to brick phones more often or slow down older phones with the new iOS release. It’s no secret this is done on purpose. Old iphone users just upgrade to the new phone instead of getting android or winmo. We already know Android devs drop support for their phones 3 months after they have been on the market. You just need to sack up and realize this is the way it is in the current smartphone market.

  • JSYOUNG571

    @Joe_Fedewa:disqus HA! When have you ever known me to care about credibility on this site? On the other hand Microsoft should be worried.about theirs with alienated customers. That is right in your post.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! and 2 years later Microsoft wonders why they are still in last place. I use to be like you and make excuses for them until my wallet got tired.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I’m out!
    Way too many problems on my htc titan (software issues). I have already returned to android and I will have to consider wether to buy a microsoft surface RT 2nd generation or an Asus transformer with Android. I think the asus has a better chance as long as i get microsoft office on it.