Microsoft solicits feedback from Surface owners with prizes

[Edit: It appears Microsoft has made this survey available only to US participants. Sorry, international friends.]

If you’re a Surface owner and you have a few things you want to tell Microsoft about your experience with the device, now is your chance. Microsoft wants feedback from current Surface owners and is giving away $200 in accessories for the Surface to a single participant. This is a good chance to get your feedback heard and possibly win a prize while you’re at it.

In order to enter, you’ll need to sign up with the Surface Owner Feedback Program. In two weeks, a survey will be sent out to all Surface owners asking for their experiences with the Surface RT. You’ll need to provide the serial number located on your Surface device, so don’t think this is something you’ll be able to fake. If you’re keen on getting started, you can start the process by following this link. If you’re a Surface owner, what would you say to Microsoft in this survey?


  • Rallicat

    Bah! US only I see. I assume they don’t want feedback from international Surface users!

  • Will Tisdale

    Yeah. I would have done it regardless of prizes, but apparently they don’t want the majority of the worlds opinion.

  • Bah, this is a shame. I’ve updated the original post to let people know. Any particular glaring things you’d like to say about your experience? I’m always curious what other people think of their devices.