Samsung Galaxy S III 920 now available at Wamart…what?

The Samsung Galaxy S III 920 is now available at Walmart. Yes, you read that correctly. Walmart has a phone listed with the name “Samsung Galaxy S III 920″ with an image of the Nokia Lumia 920. So what the heck is this thing? Did some crazy individual mash a GSIII and Lumia 920 together?

The specs listed on the page appear to be for the GSIII. The 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display is a dead giveaway. Someone at Walmart clearly does not know their mobile phones. Until it is removed you can have a laugh at Walmart’s expense at the link below.


Thanks Reddit!

  • Lol who in god’s name can make this mistake? I understand getting the name or image wrong on a listing… but a mashup of a Nokia and Samsung phone? That’s just absurdly bad.