Tweetro+ headed to the Windows 8 Store as paid app


A few weeks ago we told you how Twitter’s 100,000 user limit for third-party apps killed off a super successful Windows 8 app in a matter of weeks. Tweetro, in development by Lazyworm Apps, attempted to negotiate with Twitter to try and get them to reconsider their position. Negotiations failed, so Lazyworm Apps is left with the only way to continue Tweetro which is to release a paid version.

Any users who downloaded the original Tweetro will now need to upgrade to Tweetro+ in order to continue using the superb Twitter app for Windows 8. This artificial limit that Twitter is placing on third-party developers not only limits the amount of growth a single app can experience, but also revenue possibilities for developers. Unfortunately Twitter has been ratherĀ uncompromisingĀ on the issue and the full API changes for third-party developers will go into effect in early 2013.

[via Twitter]

  • Awesome news! This is my preferred twitter client.