Windows Phone 8 hacked onto Windows Mobile 6.5 device

Remember all that hooplah about Windows Phone 8 not coming to current Windows Phone 7 devices because of hardware incompatibilities? Well that’s gone right out the window as Team DFT have managed to hack Windows Phone 8 onto the HTC HD2. The whole process is pretty remarkable considering Windows Phone 8 features some extensive security between hardware and software, so the means used to bypass these security measures while not known, must be pretty sophisticated.

Regardless of that, the real statement here is if the HTC HD2 can run Windows Phone 8 with its positively ancient specs, why can’t Microsoft get it running on Windows Phone 7 devices? Are they unwilling or unable?

[via WPCentral; source: DFT]

  • Will Tisdale

    Running and actually usable are 2 very different things.

    To my knowledge, WP8 requires DirectX 9 GPU support, which none of the WP7.x devices have. Maybe it runs, but I expect the user experience is somewhat poor.

    Interesting proof of concept though.