Windows Store has more apps & downloads than Mac App Store

Despite numerous game developers and industry analysts decrying the Windows Store, it seems to be fairing better than the similar store in place for Mac OS X uers. According to a report from Distimo, the Windows Store now has 21,000 apps, which is almost double that of the Mac App Store’s 13,000 that has been available for close to two years now.

Other data gathered by Distimo is rather interesting as well. Among the top 300 apps available on each Store, the Windows Store’s daily download volume is more than three times that of the Mac App Store. The only point in the Mac App Store’s corner is that it receives five times the rate of paid application downloads, but this is skewed by the fact that 84% of the apps in the Mac App Store are paid, while only 14% in the Windows Store are.

Currently, the Windows Store is the largest app store launch in history. If you’re interested in more statistics about the Windows Store, you can check them out here.

[via Neowin]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Yeah, I think it’s kinda hard to compare them. Windows has MUCH more users. Also, the Windows store is new, so it would make sense that apps are getting more downloads per month. Mac users already have their apps installed, while new Windows Store customers are all rushing in getting their app right now. All in all, though, it will go over the Mac App Store soon, it is Windows. Everyone uses Windows. :)