12% of developers are responsible for two-thirds of the Windows Store apps

With more than 20,000 apps available in the Windows Store, you expect a sort of diversity among the developers who have put them there. However, there seems to be a pretty big disparity in the amount of apps being developed by certain developers. According to a tweet from Win App Update, 12% of developers that are registered are responsible for 61% of the apps being published. In actual numbers, that’s 878 devs producing 14,501 apps. Averaging that number out puts each developer responsible for 16 apps.

It’s obvious that a small number of devs churning out a high number of apps means they’re spamming in order to try and gain money. Most developers work on one or two flagship apps, but certainly not 16. Of course, no marketplace is immune from spammers, but this seems a tad ridiculous and as though Microsoft is approving apps just to get their numbers up.

[via: Win App Update’s Twitter]