New Nokia job listing could hint at Android if WP8 doesn’t work out

It looks as though Nokia is working on something Linux-related and while it could be Android and it could be something else, we’re curious nonetheless. Gizmodo is reporting that Nokia has posted a new job listing on its LinkedIn page, seeking a principle software engineer whose job description will be to “oversee the development of embedded Linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products.” Hmm.

Of course Android is based on the Linux kernel, but jumping automatically to the conclusion that Nokia is about to dip its toes in the Android market would be folly. Still, the HTC 8X’s full name was HTC Windows Phone 8X. Did Microsoft forsake Nokia for a former Android die-hard?

[via Gizmodo]




  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Htc is not a “former” die-hard android. Htc produce too many android Powered Phones and they want to jump the WP wave because they get beaten up in court and in the market by the competition. I would love to get an htc 8X, but because of A LOT of software issues on my htc titan and no WP 7.8 until next year, I will consider the htc one X instead. Besides: WP is TOO limited and does not work like a Smartphone OS should.

  • CX1

    HTC made Windows Mobile phones for years before iOS or Android existed.

  • Why is WP too limited?

  • I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them at least get more apps out to Android, if not hardware. WP8 has too small of a market share to support companies being exclusive to it at this point. If it can’t steal a larger share of the market, Nokia will be forced to explore other revenue streams.