Bluestacks could bring 700,000 Android apps to Windows RT

BlueStacks has been notable for bringing hundreds of thousands of Android apps to Windows, but what about Windows RT users? According to a recent post on their support forum, that could be a very real possibility in the future. The developers are considering offering BlueStacks for Windows RT sometime “next year”. If offered, this would add nearly 700,000 Android apps to Windows 8’s already growing 25,000 app catalog.

For those of you who have Windows tablets, what do you think about this offering? Would you like to use BlueStacks on your device?

[via Surface Evangelist]



  • Edgar Cervantes

    I used BlueStacks back in the beginning. They didn’t have much of a selection of apps, or a way to easily install them, so I kinda let it go. If that has improved, though, this could make a huge difference for Windows RT users. No more complaining about lack of apps!