Dutch retailer says Lumia 920 demand matches that of iPhone

Nokia has always been a popular brand in Europe as it never exited the scene like the US market, but the fact that some Dutch retailers are experience iPhone-like demand for the Lumia 920 is a bit surprising. According to Nu.nl, Dutch retailer Phone House has received nearly as many registrations for the Lumia 920 as it received for the iPhone 5 in its first week. Mathieu Teeuwen, the Director of Marketing for Phone House seemed particularly pleased with the response:

“We had high expectations for this application, but achieving the same numbers as the first week of the iPhone 5 is great.”

The only downside to this news is that while pre-orders and registrations for the devices seem to be strong across all Dutch retailers, the actual device won’t be available until January 2013 to those who are ordering them.

[via UberGizmo]


  • Edgar Cervantes

    There is no way! Wow…

  • josh

    I would order a 920 and switch over from android today if I didn’t have to switch to at&t . . . the carriers are the issue here in the states. Exclusive to at&t . . . that sucks!