How’s your WP8 device’s battery life?

Now that Windows Phone 8 has been out for about a month, let’s talk about something that affects us all: daily battery performance. The specs on a phone can give you an idea of what kind of battery life you’ll see, but you’ll never know until you’ve used it yourself. So for those of you who upgraded to a Windows Phone 8 device, how’s your battery life? Is it worse than you expected? Better? Are you having any problems with apps draining your battery?

We know Microsoft is going to be issuing a fix sometime in December for some of the problems that early Windows Phone 8 users have been experiencing, including the random rebooting and the massive drain some HTC 8X users experienced within the first few days of having their devices. Will you wait for this fix or are you considering jumping ship to another platform?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I didn’t use it for long (or very much), but when I had the HTC 8x it lasted long! I only charged it once and it lasted me like 2 days with 4G LTE and all!

  • My battery life on my 920 has sort of fixeditself after a week or so of 5 hr of minimal use then dead battery. Btw WP8 has been out a few weeks not months

  • Sobr0801

    It is awesome. Love it. Normally go a day and a half between charges.

  • CX1

    Very good on Lumia 822. More than a day without charging with wifi and bluetooth always on.

  • I got my Lumia 920 on Saturday, so it’s perhaps too early to give a proper estimate of battery life since I’ve played with it almost non-stop since getting it, but it’s already outlived my Samsung Captivate’s battery life and I’ve charged it twice since I’ve gotten it; it charged up super fast and wasn’t actually dead when I went to charge it. I’ll have to do a proper 100% to dead test.

  • She said “about a month”, which is equal to a few weeks.

  • anon

    HTC 8X is not 4G LTE compaitble

  • Sobr0801

    ? who says? It has LTE on Verizon and ATT.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It is 4G LTE compatible. Mine was the AT&T version and I had 4G LTE…..

  • Avon Barksdale

    Battery life does suck on my lumia 920 right now, hopefully there’s a fix for it with the upcoming update. Also syncing issues, and reboot issues definitely need to be fixed as well. Won’t jump ship yet, because I do feel this OS is the best, on any phone. Microsoft hurry up already. And where the HELL is INSTAGRAM????????????????

  • codah

    Ive had my lumia 920 for some time now and I can say my old S3 had better baterry life when using it. Speaking of standby and just checking time sometimes, nokia beats s3. But all in all, I expexted better software optimization for battery life like iPhone’s one. iPhone has a 1400mAh battery and lasts way way longer than my 2000mAh battery in lumia 920.