New app from Liquid Daffodil cycles through user determined photos on the lockscreen

If you’re a regular reader here at WinSource you’ve likely seen us talk about Liquid Daffodil. They are the creators of apps like glƏƏk!, Cowlick!, and Outsider. You will be hard pressed to find a developer that is more passionate about Windows Phone.

They are back with a new app called Locksider. Windows Phone 8 has live apps that can change the lockscreen wallpaper. Many people have been wanting a live app that can cycle through user determined photos. Essentially, that is exactly what Locksider does. Users can browse through a large collection of images, if they like a particular image just save it and it will be added to the lockscreen rotation. Users will also be able to determine how often the lockscreen image is changed.

Another cool thing about Locksider is a new initiative that Liquid Daffodil is starting to let loyal fans get the app for free. Users of LD’s app Outsider accumalate points for using the app. All of LD’s apps from this point forward will be able to be purchased with these points. This is a really neat way to reward loyal users. We like it.

Locksider will be available later this week in the Windows Phone Store for $.99. Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

[via WPCentral]

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