Official Amazon for Windows 8 app now available

The shopping season is in full swing, which means if you’re like me you’re probably checking every chance you get. Amazon already has a very organized and easy to navigate website, but if you prefer to do your online shopping in app form Amazon has you covered.

The folks with the smiles on the box have just released an official app for Windows 8 and RT. Basically it’s just a user interface for browsing products, to do things like purchase items it opens up an internal web page. That sounds like a negative, but it actually works really well. Download the app (Free) below for your Windows laptops, tablets, and Surface.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is interesting. An Amazon app for a Desktop computer…

  • Even if I never use it, since I have a browser, it’s good to see companies like Amazon getting their apps on W8. If for no other reason, to support RT devices.

    I will admit that I’ve begun to use apps over sites in many instances though.