Apple’s stock takes a beating after Nokia’s China announcement

Early this morning we reported that Nokia would be launching its own Lumia 920T on China Mobile, a mobile operator in China with more than 700 million subscribers. The news has been a huge boon to Nokia’s previously falling stock prices, as the stock closed at $3.88 today, a 10% increase over its opening price. This announcement lead to the battering of Apple stock, as now Apple will resort to selling the iPhone 5 on China Unicom and China Telecom, both of which are much smaller networks.

Apple lost $35 billion in value today as a result of this announcement in addition to the company losing constant market share to Android and Windows 8 tablets, as well as many investors fearing that margins are being squeezed too tight. No company can be king forever, as evidenced by Microsoft’s downward spiral in the early 2000s. Apple is expected to lose its 50% market share in tablets by 2016. Are we starting to see that trend with Apple now as Microsoft and Nokia play the role of comeback kid?

[via Brisbane Times]


  • Impressive.

  • AS147

    where is the evidence that Apple is losing tablet share to Windows 8 and where is the data that backs up your statement that 50% of Apple’s market share in tablets will be lost by 2016?

  • It’s laid out in the IDC report mentioned by the Brisbane Times, which I sourced. For more information, please check this link:

    Also, I never said that 50% of Apple’s marketshare in tablets will be lost by 2016. I said they’d slip below the current 50% majority that they hold.

  • AS147

    Fair enough and thanks for the reply