Microsoft clears up HTC Titan III rumors

Just a couple days ago a ripe new rumor popped up about the HTC Titan III. A survey on Microsoft’s site listed the “HTC Titan III” with a bunch of other phones to¬†gauge¬†interest. The news spread like wildfire that HTC was working on a successor to the Titan II, but today Microsoft is stepping in to quench the rumor fire.

Microsoft says that it was just a typo, and it has since been fixed. So while it’s pretty likely that HTC will build a successor to the popular Titan line, the time is not now. Fans of the giant screens will have to keep waiting.

[via GottaBeMobile]

  • JSYOUNG571

    While there at it, can they force AT&T to give current HTC Titan and Titan II owners their updates as well as the 7.8 update.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am willing to bet they are already working on it…. Now that other phones are big, the Titan will have to be bigger. It will probably be the Note of the Windows Phone world. 5-inch or higher screen, anyone?