#DroidRage Round 2 backfires on Microsoft as #WindowsRage is born

Almost a year ago Microsoft started a Twitter campaign called #droidrage for Android users who had been infected with malware. The campaign actually worked pretty well for Microsoft, so much that they decided to bring it back yesterday. Unfortunately for Microsoft this time it has blown up in their face.

Instead of a bunch of people complaining about their Android phones Microsoft has created a legion of Android loyalists complaining about Windows. What started as #droidrage has turned into #windowsrage. It was lucky that the Android crowd (a very large community, I might add) didn’t get a hold of this last time. Hopefully this little marketing blunder means #droidrage will be gone for good after this.

[via Business Insider]

  • just

    I used to own an Samsung Android, and the best thing of it is the lag’s and freezes. My daughter even complaining about her Android phone that restart most of the time by itself beside the lag’s and freezes.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    I knew this would happen! lol

  • Avatar Roku

    Unfortunately for Microsoft most people are clueless that malware is a serious problem on Android and this is the first time they’re hearing anyone even mention it. If malware is a huge problem on Android then Microsoft can’t drop the campaign anymore than Apple could stop talking about viruses on Windows.

    The fact that the first time they did this campaign it didn’t garner a response was bad. It meant people were ignoring what windowsphone was saying. That people are now acknowledging what they’re saying is a first step. It takes 3 impressions before someone realizes that something exists, this is just the first impression response. If there is a malware strike against Android that garners media attention in the next year it will be the 2nd impression for a lot of people.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Well! (folds hands) I guess this pretty much says how people feel about Microsoft and Windows phones. I am willing to bet majority of them are former Windows Phone 6.5 platform owners and Windows Phone 7.5 platform owners who have been dumped by Microsoft while still stuck in a 2 year agreement. Windows Phone 8 customers really need to take note of this. It could happen to you too.