MeTweets updated to 1.2 for Windows Phone 8 support

Since Carbon has been taken out of the ring for Windows Phone users, I’ve been using MeTweets as a very handy replacement. It feels and operates just like Carbon and provides many of the same features. The app finally received an update today that allows it to take advantage of numerous Windows Phone 8 only features, including lockscreen notifications and fast resume. If you’re keen on trying it, I’d highly recommend it as it’s only $1.49 in the app store. A full list of the changes includes:

  • Windows Phone 8: Wide Live Tile
  • Windows Phone 8: lockscreen notification counter
  • You can now choose your retweet-style
  • Suggests for hashtags while typing
  • Tapping a profile image in your timelines brings you to the user’s profile
  • Profile page now shows if a user is following you
  • There is no longer a limit on the number of notifications you can receive in one day
  • Bug fixes (the app no longer crashes when you return via the task switcher)

You can download MeTweets by hitting the button below.

  • Been using Twabbit beta and liking it, but I might have to try MeTweets.