Microsoft details why the WP8 keyboard is scary accurate

Coming from Android to Windows Phone, one of the things that always surprised me was how accurate my Windows Phone keyboard was at correcting my mistakes compared to the Gingerbread keyboard I had been used to. Microsoft employed considerable man power to make the keyboard on Windows Phone 7 great, but they’ve taken that even further with Windows Phone 8. With WP8, the company introduced Word Flow, which expounds upon the Quick Correct feature from WP7.5.

In order to make Word Flow function the best it could, Microsoft analyzed over 2.5 billion words from the English language, from official sources like a dictionary to more slang terms from the Internet. Of those 2.5 billion, Microsoft selected the 600,000 most common words and phrases that people type in order to make Word Flow seem like it knows what you’re going to say before the person you send it to does.

As a result of this hard work, Windows Phone 8’s auto-correction is 94% accurate out of the box, with the ability for individual users to correct it to their style. It’s for this reason that the Windows Phone 8 keyboard is vastly superior to that on Android and even iOS. If you’d like to know more, you can read the rest of Microsoft’s blog post here.




  • SwiftKey ftw…

    But seriously, I’d like to see a comparison between the two.

  • I don’t even touch Android without Smart Keyboard anymore. I was astounded by how responsive my Lumia’s keyboard is right out of the box. And it’s responsive.

  • Good idea…