[Review] Incipio feather case for HTC Windows Phone 8X

The HTC 8X has been almost universally praised for its beautiful and minimal design. So what do you do when you need a case but don’t want to cover up the beauty of the phone? You need something thin and almost invisible. This lead us to discover the Incipio feather case.

Incipio has been around for a long time mainly making cases for Apple products, but in recent years they have branched out to devices like the HTC 8X. As the name “feather” suggests this is a very light and thin case. It’s made from a polycarbonite blend called Plextonium that allows it to be light, but still very durable and rigid. The case wraps around the the sides of the phone, and also offers a little bit of protection on the corners.

When the case is on the 8X you can barely tell that it’s there. The only real giveaway is that the feather case has a slightly more slippery feel than the matte finish on the 8X. The shape and size of the phone is only altered in millimeters. Putting the case on is simple, but taking it off can be a little tricky at first. Since the case is so thin and tight you really have to pry it off.

One thing I really like about the feather case is that it makes finding the buttons on the 8X much easier. In my review of the 8X I mentioned that finding the power, volume, and camera buttons can be difficult because they are so flush with the body. The feather case has cut-outs for all the buttons which makes finding them with your finger much, much easier.

Like all good minimally designed things there’s not much to say about the feather case.You’re not going to get Otterbox-like protection from the feather, but that is not the goal of this case. If you want just a little extra protection, or if you’d like to slap on a new color once in a while, the Incipio feather case for the HTC 8X (and Nokia Lumia 920) is a great choice.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Looks like a nice, no-nonsense case. Keeps the device thin and protects it a bit. I just love the design of the 8X so much, though. I would keep it without a case unless I knew I could harm it, like if I go hiking (HA!) or something like that. It would be cool if they could make them colored! Use the same blue and you won’t even know it’s there!

  • They also have cyan, magenta, and black cases.