Windows Phone shipments could increase 150% over 2013

A new study from Digitimes Research predicts that Microsoft will see the highest increase in Windows Phone shipments next year, as shipments are expected to increase by 150%. This means 52.5 million units will make their way into the market, for a 6.1% share of the smartphone market. Of course Android is expected to increase its marketshare and solidify market leadership, gaining around 70% of the smartphone market fro the first time.

Apple will take a back seat to Android with 20% of smartphone shipments, while RIM’s BlackBerry devices are expected to only account for 3.7% of marketshare. It’s interesting to note that Windows Phone is expected to outperform the BlackBerry 10 launch, which could signal the end of Research in Motion as we know it.

[via Digitimes]

  • JSYOUNG571

    LOL! This must be another marketing catch.

  • Don’t think so. Windows Phone 8 is doing surprisingly well.